The following is for informational purposes only. We are not responsible for any requirements & or deposits by these Services providers.  This is simply a guideline, as we understand it, to assist you in your transition.  

Electric Service

City of Dover, Electric Department – 5 E. Reed Street, Dover, DE  19901
Phone 302-736-7035 – Customer Service
You are not establishing a new service; you are getting existing service transferred into your name.  There's a difference!

Electric Deposit – $0.00 to 3 times the average monthly bill, depending upon your credit history.
You are required to apply for this service in-person. They will require a photo ID, and a copy of
the front page and the signature page of your lease.

Natural Gas Service

Chesapeake Utilities – 500 Energy Lane, Suite 100, Dover, DE  19904
Phone 302-734-6700 or 800-427-2883 – Customer Service
Gas Deposit – Depends upon your credit history.
You are required to apply for this service in-person and fill out their application.
If you have existing service with Chesapeake Utilities and are transferring from one location to
another, this process may be done by phone.


Telephone, Television, Internet Services

Verizon Traditional – P. O. Box 646, Wilmington, DE  19896
Phone: 1-800-942-5000 (New Residential Service Press 2)
You will be charged a hook-up fee.
You'll need your social security number to apply.

Verizon FiOS (Fiber Optics Service)
Phone: 1-888-GET-FiOS (1-888-438-3467)
Phone: 302-535-1774 for Briana Bratten (Our Representative)
Email:  briana.bratten@vf-rep.com

Comcast/Xfinity – 5729 W Denneys Road, Dover, DE  19904
Phone: 302-382-4522 for Howard Hastings (Our Representative)
Email:  Howard_Hastings@comcast.com

If you find any of the above information to be inaccurate, please let us know so we may
make the appropriate corrections.